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A couple of things about Whole Heart Candles:

  • We have never added anything to our wax - it's all natural - so, yes, sometimes it turns yellow if left in the sun and sometimes it's bumpy...but I can name EVERY ingredient in my candles and sleep better at night knowing you, your family and pets aren't breathing in toxins. 
  • We test and test and test...a lot.  Scents, wicks, vessels, colors - you name it.  So much testing goes into bringing you a better candle.  This means that sometimes scents are delayed if it doesn't meet our standards.
  • Soy wax burns slower and therefore lasts longer than traditional candles which are mostly paraffin.
  • When you support WHC, you are supporting a small business.  I do everything by hand and directly see each of your sales.  And, yes, I absolutely do a happy dance after getting orders.  Thanks for being here!


What the heck is soy wax anyway?

Soy wax is a 100% natural wax derived from the vegetable soybeans.  Soybeans are one of the major agriculture crops grown in the United States, behind only corn.  

After the beans are harvested, they are then cleaned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes.  Soybean oil is extracted from the flakes and the leftover flakes are used for animal feed.

Paraffin wax, one of the most popular candle waxes due to its cheap costs, is derived in a contrasting way. Paraffin wax is the product of the oil purification process from petroleum, coal, or oil shale. When you remove the waxy substance from crude oil, you’re left with paraffin wax.

Why choose soy wax?

Soy wax is made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources; whereas classic paraffin wax is made from petroleum and is non-renewable.  Not only are there “green” advantages to choosing soy wax over a different type of candle wax, but soy wax also burns slower than paraffin wax, meaning you get a candle that lasts longer.  While all candles emit some black soot while burning, candles made from soy wax burns cleaner and results in less soot. Another reason to choose soy wax when it comes to candles is the fact that soy wax is an excellent fragrance carrier that does not require chemical amplifiers.  The result is a well-balanced true to scent candle.

What to expect with soy wax:

All of the candles Whole Heart makes are made from soy wax and by now you probably understand why! Since soy wax is a natural product, you may notice slight variations throughout the year. The wax may be very soft in its solid state, or as hard as a rock during other times. Sometimes the wax melts clear and translucent, and other times it may melt and look a little cloudy. All of this is normal and expected when choosing a soy candle. We take pride in the quality of our products  and do regular tests to ensure we are offering the best quality to our customers. If you notice any performance issues with your candle, please reach out so we can assist you!

 What about the scents?  Are they better?

Our standards are high, and they exclude many materials that are ubiquitous in other candlemakers' fragrance oils.  

There are five main “hazard groups” that we simply don't allow.


 Carcinogens: These are materials known or thought to cause cancer. 

 Mutagens: Materials that change the DNA of a cell, harming the cell and causing diseases like cancer. 

 Reproductive toxins: Toxins that adversely affect reproductive organs and increase the risk of birth defects. 

✖ Organ toxins: These are toxins that can cause adverse effects or disease within specific bodily organs. 

 Acute toxins: Toxins that can cause adverse effects from a single exposure. Generally, this would be accidental exposure like spillage or ingestion. 

The goal of all this being nitpicky is simple: peace of mind burning our candles in your homes, around your families, and in your business.

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